Tommy Lasagna’s Gluten Free Menu

Last night I went for a preview of the shiny, new gluten free menu at Tommy Lasagna in Gramercy.

It was clear from the get go that these guys are passionate about authentic Italian cooking, and luckily for us gluten free peeps they decided to channel some of this passion into whipping up a gluten free storm in their kitchen, and oh boy was it good.

Just look at the gluten free love going into this food…

The restaurants owner and chef Tommy Mosera, took the time to talk us through each dish, and it was apparent there are no short cuts here. They make the pasta from scratch in-house and source ingredients from the local market – this certainly came through in the food.

Here are my top dishes from the night, lets start at the beginning…

They served gluten free focaccia, warm from the oven with a side of olives and oil for dipping. Belissimo!

Next up was the Ceviche. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – that’s not ceviche, that’s a cup of popcorn! Wrong…

Underneath was a rich ceviche of assorted seafood, red onion and basil marinaded with tomato water and lemon marinade. The popcorn was a pretty neat touch and I was pleasantly surprised that this combo actually worked.

Now what you’re really here for. Tommy Lasagna doesn’t have the word Lasagna in it for no reason…

We were served two slices of lasagna, a meaty bolognese lasagna and a more veggie friendly green market lasagna – both were super.

After polishing off both lasagna slices, my trousers were starting to feel distinctly tight. But, the show must go on so I sunk my eyes into the next dish, two piles of fresh pasta (pappardelle and fettuccine!). The restaurants chefs spent 6 months developing the perfect gluten free pasta with a distinct understanding of the differences involved in dealing with non gluten flours. They certainly nailed it.

I first tried the pappardelle pasta served with a rich meat sauce, it packed just the right amount of tomatoey, meaty punch! The fettuccine pasta was served with a lobster and sherry sauce. I’m not a lobster girl, so this wasn’t my favorite, but to be fair the meat sauce was a tough act to follow.

After a few more glasses of pinot, and some happy food chatter. The course that I had been waiting for finally arrived. That’s right – DESSERT.

We were given a slice of New York style cheesecake and flourless chocolate tort. Both were dangerously good. Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here and recommend that if you are going for dessert you get both. I had a terrific time skirting between bites of chocolate tort and the zingy lemon New York cheesecake. The lemon really helped refresh the mouth after a bite of rich deep chocolate.


Tommy Lasagna is the perfect spot for authentic Italian fare – senza glutine! I will definitely be coming back here again (and again). Click here to have a peek at their gluten free menu for yourself…

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